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Barton teams up with the U.S. consulate general to help reduce Australia's carbon footprint.

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At Old Coal Mines, the American Chestnut Tries for a Comeback

The New York Times highlights our work
to restore iconic forests species.

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Winter 2022 Newsletter

We wrapped up the year with loads of site prep for the coming spring and diving into Australia's planting season.

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Chris Barton on

Eastern Standard

A discussion of the connection between deforestation and flooding in Eastern Kentucky.

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The Sierra Club Magazine

"The Demise and Potential Revival of the American Chestnut" by Kate Morgan.

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A summary of the 2020 planting season and some of our highlights from the year.


The Beckley


Green Forests Work, a nonprofit, is working with a team of experts to restore forests throughout Appalachia.

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Winter 2019 Newsletter

Winter 2019 Newsletter


Summer 2018 Newsletter

Summer 2018 Newsletter

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WOWK 13 News

Reclaiming Habitat In
Monongahela National Forest.

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Fall 2017 Newsletter

Fall 2017 newsletter


Cool Green Science

Recovery: Farm Bill Provides Hope
for the Cerulean Warbler


Appalachian Voices

Restoring Land for Native Plants,
Bees and Streams


We are in full swing this spring. 
Read what we are doing and where we are!

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Chris Barton on Eastern Standard

Why mountainous topography
of Eastern Kentucky is so
prone to flash flooding.

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The organization planting millions of trees in old coal mines

The World Economic Forum has
highlighted our work.

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Michael French on
Eastern Standard

A vision to revive a once thriving Eastern Kentucky industry well-suited for mountain terrain.

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Earth with John Holden

The replanting of eucalyptus trees on the Dawson Mine site in Australia, as well as red spruce in the Monongahela National Forest, West Virginia.

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Executive Director Mekayle Houghton and Senior Program Manager of Watershed Planning Jed Grubbs join Dr. Chris Barton to discuss the Forestry Reclamation Approach approach.

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AP News

Difficult but rewarding work:
Planting trees to aid climate

18-09-25 C. Barton - Robinson Forest - P

University of Kentucky News

UK Researchers Awarded NSF Grant to Upgrade Stream Monitoring Network in Robinson Forest.


World Resources Institute

Once Degraded, West Virginia's Monongahela National Forest Is Restored to Glory.

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Angel's Envy

In 2017, you helped us drink up a forest.


Yale Environment 360

Reclaiming Appalachia: A Push to Bring Back Native Forests to Coal Country

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Lexington Community Radio

Bluegrass Bios  - Dr. Patrick Angel & Michael French (ARRI/Green Forests Work).

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University of Kentucky

UK Appalachian Center, Green Forests Work Plant 2,500 Trees for Earth Day.


Fall 2022 Newsletter

It was a busy and productive summer for us. 
Read about what we all have been up to.


Summer 2022 Newsletter

We share project updates, news
and videos from our biggest
year to date.

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Spring 2021Newsletter

This spring we helped to plant more than 732,000 trees across approximately 770 acres and 530 acres of forests.


EOS Science News by AGU

"The New River Gorge: Ancient River, Old Mines, New National Park by Mary Caperton Morton.

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2020 Annual Report

The annual report of our projects, partnerships, and donors from the past year. 

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The Green Miles

The Washington Post Magazine

Kentucky was devastated for decades by mountaintop removal. Now scientists have figured out a way to undo the damage.


Spring 2019 Newsletter

Spring 2019 Newsletter.

Tea Leaves

Voice of America

Former West Virginia Coal Mines Turned into Carbon-sucking Forests.

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Spring 2018 Newsletter

Spring 2018 Newsletter

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Winter 2018 Newsletter

Winter 2018 newsletter


Summer 2017 Newsletter

Summer 2017 newsletter


Spring 2017 Newsletter

Spring 2017 newsletter.


Angel's Envy

Toast The Trees planting has begun.

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