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2023 Priceless Planet Coalition Report:
Restoring a Former Mine in Appalachia USA
2023 Annual Report:
Projects, Partnerships, and Donor Recognition
Final report: Ecological Restoration
on the Daniel Boone National Forest

Since 2016, we have partnered with the United States Forest Service to perform a variety of ecological restoration projects on the Daniel Boone National Forest. Projects include reforesting nearly 75 acres of surface mined land, controlling invasive species and the restoration of a wetland that supports the rare white fringeless orchid.

2021 Annual Report

An overview of our accomplishments from the past year.

2021 Monongahela National Forest, Mower Tract Report

comprehensive report of red spruce restoration on the Mower Tract.

2020 Annual Report

The annual report of our projects, partnerships, and donors from the past year.

2020 Rockcastle River Wildlife Management Area Report

Restoring shortleaf pine/upland oak forests and pollinator habitat. 

2020 Monongahela National Forest Report

Ongoing efforts to restore red spruce habitat.

2019 Annual Report

See some of our efforts from 2019.

Harrison County, Ohio

2019, OH

Daniel Boone National Forest

2019, KY

Annual Report 2018

Some of our efforts from 2018.

Annual Report 2017

Some of our efforts from 2017. 

Pollinator Education

2015 - 2017, KY

Flight 93 National Memorial

2015 - 2017, PA

Daniel Boone National Forest

2017, KY

Daniel Boone National Forest

2016, KY

Egypt Valley Wildlife Management Area

2016, OH

Robinson Forest

2015 - 2017, KY

Sierra Club Settlement

2014, KY

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